Without going outdoor,
You can understand all,
And find answers to questions
You were holding Years ago.
Those are briefed in one fact;
People around the world
With all their differences,
Beliefs and thoughts,
Belong to one soul.
Without searching everywhere you go
By meditation you will find the clue
Outside, you will be distracted,
Inside, you will find life meaning
Shouting aloud.


love and thorns

I traveled over many hearts,
But they were all closed;
Each was holding its shield,
My healing touch found nothing
But thorns.
I kept approaching,
Then, in silence I grieved
An arrow pierced my heart,
Left it bleeding day and night,
Wandering, going round and round houses
Where all the doors were locked and barred,
I breathed into the air,
Words of despair and sighs
For people buried me,
While I am still alive.

Tone Of Love

!?What can words add to meaningful glances

The whole story is briefed, in no word

,And still evident

,Maintaining its whole shape and glow

.With not a scratch

,Like a quill, through morning breeze flying

To and fro, swiftly dancing

;Making everything around standing in hush

To learn how to embrace the whole world

.And make it blush

When eyes flirt

,In one row the world stands

,Taking worries off

,And in harmony sways with sweet melody

,Put on a perfumed glittering dress

And still eyes talk, in ambiguous tones

.That is called love

A Shy Smile

;Yesterday, I sat by my friend side

,Listening to her whimpering of the savage life

,Tears filled her eyes

,Sobs gushed in her throat

;I held her close

,Whispered sweet consoling words to her ear

Till her lips trembled swiftly

.Showing a shy smile at corners of her mouth

Today, I am sitting alone

,With none by my side

 !Nor my friend of last night

,But I don’t blame her

!For she is no longer alive

,Tears filled my eyes

.Sobs gushed in my throat

,I breathed sweet consoling words in the air

,My lips trembled swiftly

.Showing a shy smile at corners of my mouth

The Gray Library

Dear grandpa,

Oh, how I missed being with you. Sorry it has taken me so long to write, so please forgive me. It is late somehow, but my heart and soul cannot endure such a load of feelings unspoken anymore.

I am so sad, for I am no more the person you raised up many years ago upon your precious concepts and values. You were teaching me such maxims in order to face the world and go through with an open mind, watchful eyes and kind heart.

I hope you aren’t be offended by my words, but you were wrong. I can revise these maxims for many times into my head but cannot apply them any longer, that could appeal to your time, but now it is not the same.

In this letter, I am enclosing these maxims and broken pieces of me. Unfortunately I could not face the world with your thoughts. People are dealing in ways that are totally different from mine, in other words, yours, still keep going in their life, but I cannot.

You were afraid to leave me alone after you go. We lived together away from people and their different manners. Now, I can say we also lived away from the whole world.
You went away, far away and I am so lonely, couldn’t believe in others` words.

I am writing this letter and I know it will not reach you; for you are in the most beautiful place. So I will put it among your property, things of yesterday, and the gray library that is filled with so many valuable and great old things.

Now you are lying with no worries while I have to cope with such life with all its worries and difficulties, for it is so fast that requires a world of differences in the way of thinking and applying thoughts into life, even in realizing dreams.

Thank you for everything. I appreciate your whole words and concepts. I will always love you.

Your sincere grandchild,

The Wrong Track

In a moment of dismal despair

,I went to the shore

.Leaving all behind, shut my door

None appeared in my sight, but

.Sea, sparkling stars and the moon

;I saw all my life ahead of me

All my dreams just emerged to my eye

I did not need to look back

And still missed nothing, but

Sorrow, gloom and the wrong track!