Winter Night

Nothing compares,
Loneliness in a winter night,
Far away from your beloved,
Missing his hug,
His arms around you holding so tight,
Then you can feel his warmth,
His breath,
His heart beat,
Nothing compares missing this life.
In a winter night,
These feelings you can not hide.
You hear wind blowing everything away,
Wondering and asking,
Is that true?
Like these papers,
Through wind and fog,
I will go.
Away from my beloved,
Everything is possible
A winter night is a special time for lovers,
Holding each other, nothing matters,
Even the night still forever!
Forever, they will hold each other.


Sing Or Cry!

Cannot determine; sing or cry?
Which is better?
To some people, they are totally different
To me they are the same.
Cannot be considered more than
A way to free your soul
From the unspoken and most meaningful.

Without being touched
The sweet melody on your lips
Turns heavy silence,
And tears of joy in your eye
Start streaming the pale cheeks
With no approaches or signs,
Soul cannot be filled with heavy feelings
With no way to express,
With no way to seek any help.
Each tear holds a part of your life
Each tear is a diamond
If you hold it back, it will shatter, hurting you.

Without being touched from outside
Your soul screams from deep inside,
And you still, between sing or cry
cannot determine!

From behind a shield

In a quiet moment, when you have nothing to do but bringing whole life into your head while it seeks calmness and refreshment. You try to clear your mind and pull some weeds that are annoying you night and day.

You suppose that you can dismiss them anytime you want, then sit in idleness once again after sometime of remorse over the lost chances and arguing about the main idea about life and so on.
Well, maybe it is a good hobby to carry on during holidays, but I am going to tell you my experience about that matter. So please unclench your fist and lend me your ears for a while:
Yesterday, when my soul was calm and mind was sailing somewhere else seeking change and something with new flavor, instead of giving up to idleness, I chose conjuring up my old feelings and unspoken words. To unchain them and let them feel free for some moments.
But to be honest with you, it wasn’t a good idea at all. For in that time I did not recall them gently, instead I welcomed them all at the same time and they answered me with great invasion.
For some time I held my breath; trying to concentrate on good ones and expel the others of no use that may overshadow the day.
Unfortunately, that way did not work, or even seemed to be; my head and heart became so crowded, with no spare place to add anything. Like a whirl, that started into my head and went through my whole body to foot.
I became so dizzy and was about to lose my consciousness. But by all my remained power, an idea cut through my crowded head and offered a faint light to my inner eye; to embody such heavy emotions, honor their impulse and ask them what they want to leave me forever and never knock my door again.
I applied that, and till now I am looking at them from behind a shield, standing row upon row, waiting my next move.
The rows become closer and longer, and I am standing without a slight idea about how to deal with them but holding the shield so tight.

Blind Luck

In its turn, Luck chooses people
According to its own notions,
Not always considering efficiency.
And without offering such explanation.
It is blind;
That you can not convince what to decide.
Even you fly to chase,
In its way, it will keep going
Without any intention to look back,
Answering your call or cry.
It may hit you once, may never
When blind has a view
No one can stop it.
It goes to the point regardless obstacles,
Just with its sight.
And finally reaches its aim
With interpretations
You cannot know or see.

Next Step

To live through a portrait you draw,
Is so exciting;
To point next steps
And where you will go,
But, did you include your real life,
And what is happening around?
Life is not just steps,
It is the smell,
Sense and sound.
Still, you cannot force illusions
To come true
Or raise you up
Upon an imaginary top.
And now,
What about your next step?
Does it just belong to your portrait,
Or in real life will attend?

teach me

Teach me how to live,
Tell me, where all past years are?
Buried into the mud, or faded away into the air?

Teach me how to live,
Tell me, where all forgotten dreams went,
Looking at minds created them from afar?

Teach me how to live,
Tell me, how can a broken heart, barely beating,
Continue living with its scar?

Teach me how to live,
Tell me, when a person can forget naivety,
Deal with life with a scale?

Teach me how to live,
Tell me, why all that jealousy and hatred
Among people, though finally meet in the same end?

Teach me how to live,
Tell me, who will care about me,
While all my dears went so far?

Till yet, got no answer,
Still in the same bewilderment
With the same inquires.

And now, let me live, for present is not as long as the past,
‘Go on, life will teach you’
Is the only answer, I trust.