the white ceiling


So wide and clear, still the best place on which I can stick my plans and detect my faults.

That is strange somehow; to find mystery within the white, but to me it is the full meaning of mystery, Just a point of view has to be changed.

Always my next move starts with a long look at the white ceiling. The only place on which I can spread my whole thoughts and memories, review them then can reset or handle the broken pieces. Put them in order and may find something fine and useful that was hidden among the clumsy memories which can change my way of thinking and forthcoming plans.

Sometimes I could point the defect and handle it with slight move, however, many times I had to collapse the whole puzzle to set it right once again.

Fortunately, there is a space that encourages your soul to pour itself with no worry, you do not have to confine yourself to a sheet of paper or erase what you wrote to keep your thoughts as they are under the table. It is wide enough to review your whole life and hid what you want within an imaginary room.

“Come on honey, dinner is ready.”
“OK mama, I am coming.”

And now I have to freeze the scene till I come back to continue working on my next move.
By the way, one of the white ceiling advantages, that it is already frozen.












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