Get Up

With an inapprehensible power from deep within, I was awakened this morning; smelling change everywhere calling me, even without taking a step to the window to test the weather out. It was saying in a joyful whisper;
“Get up, it is your day to enjoy your blossoms, time to harvest what you had sown years ago and cared about.”
That never happened to me before, and I couldn’t figure out what may it could be. But then I fumbled for my yesterday wish under my pillow, and it was;

“Dear success;
I was waiting for you so long ago, but you never came. Till I supposed you are nothing but a mirage refusing to have any responsibility toward reality, Aren’t you? Please if you are in any place around, just drop in and you won’t be ashamed of that, however, you will enjoy this visit so much, indeed.”


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