Storm Not Yet Over!

Everything around you collapse
Through the air blow,
And yet, you still stuck here
Cannot run, cannot go
Then you feel your life is near a close;
You hope for some stillness
That may offer you a thinking mood
But then, no quietness to be caught in the air.
You lay flat on the ground
With spirit shrinks curled,
Waiting the storm to end.
But still, you find no gleam of sunshine
Amid the renewing storm,
From all around broken pieces of your old self
Firmly, stand in your way
Like beasts with ugly faces
Grinning at your face,
Blaming you for every chance you did blow away,
And through darkness how you buried their will.
Still storm not yet over,
Inflaming more and more from deep inside,
Such self that you ignored for many years,
It takes control now
And you are lost in a sea of hows.


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