A Spoken Word

The sound of spoken word
Is not enough,
To make a heart melt
Or an eye stream with sweet tears;
You have to envelope it
With harmony and lovely rhythms,
For plain words
Crush upon the wide open ears,
While soft ones
Penetrate even the heavy soul
And make the heart sways
Beyond any control.


A Bunch of Complaints

When you start the day
With a bunch of complaints
And a brimful cup of old sorrows,
Don’t think the sun with sadness
Will hide its shining face,
Or stop planting hope in hearts!
For shadows will never cast its gloom
Upon aspiring souls,
Nor sparrows will stay hushed
To listen to the dismal tone;
And that, if today you seek the dark and silence
Tomorrow, your soul will be thirst
For those shining rays and sweet melodies.


Your Reflection

When your actions don’t mirror
Exactly who you are,
Just look at your reflection
And set your mind on;
Which one you will go with
Through the changing seasons of life
Hand in hand,
And which one you will shed and throw
Behind the back door of your old remnants.

A Look Behind

When you have nowhere to go

And at a distance you find

There’s no one waiting,

Your heart sinks deeply

And shouts with remorse

“You are too late.”

But with casting a look behind

You realize you are so far ahead.

Rejoicing and Dismay

Whether it is brimmed with
Sorrow water or sweet tears,
Give your eye a chance
To glisten and reflect what you really feel!
Have the guts to show
Your defeat deep within;
Cracks in your heart
And starving whimpering spirit.
Fill the horizon with joy
And hop to reach the sky,
Let your stream of happiness
Drown gloomy souls and wakeful eyes;
For who restrains his real feelings
Deep inside, away from the eyes
Turns nothing but an old gray weed
At the end of a long way
Lined with rejoicing and dismay.

A Missing Beat

When you feel your heart missing a beat
And smiles and sighs replace every word,
Be sure that,
Your heart can’t be due to you anymore.
For who can steal just a beat
For your lifetime shall give it back to you not,
And in his hands will hold it so tight
Then your life will seem to you
Strayed from your sight.
With no way to get it back
You will have just one chance
To seek your life once again within his arms,
And then, you won’t blame him
For you will hear both of your hearts
Warbling away from the eyes
A sweet song of love
That each cannot sing alone.
And a profound gleam from deep within
Into your eyes will be shone.