You Are A Liar

An extract from my short story.

Enjoy! 🙂

You are a liar.”
That is Sarah’s inner voice which dreams one day to see the light. But she never allows it, for she thinks if she does, she would lose her intimate friends and many people in this world. And then, she may find no one to share her life with and end up alone, living in afar house with birds that can’t feign smiles or lies.
Sarah always looks people into the eyes, never believed in the spoken words. Always trusts the light that cones from deep within, it briefs all they feel and want to say. However, they can spend a lot of time weaving stories and lies that may help them to go in life…
She never kept anybody from talking, however, listens to the words and then her lips reveal a shy smile that mean “I don’t believe you, but you can tell lies as you like.”
Her narrowed eyes can filter the looks that pierce her small figure and innocent face with soft features. Her cheeks are always flushed, as if she is running the whole world from pole to pole. She hardly was asking frank questions, however, she easily can get the answers from the wide open eyes.
The world to her is a stage, and all people are actors. Some can act their role well, while others hardly deserve such role. Her wanderings here and there weren’t in vain; she set her mind to discover the world the way she believes it works. She considers looking life from behind screens is nuisance.
After her long wanderings, Sarah was afraid to fall in love with someone from this land, and then she would justify his wrong doings, behavior and lies, and finally her soul shall catch the same thing. So she kept her heart shut. Closed every trace to it, and kept her mind always awake to guide her further steps…



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