It’s not impossible

And it’s not impossible
To stay calm
In a mad world
That drives everyone
To the edge of insanity:
It’s not impossible as long as
You feel satisfied deep inside.


It’s not about the Beginning

It’s not about the beginning
That you were born facing it
With no decision;
It’s about how you devote
Everything in your life
To create the end
You’ve always dreamt of.


If you never draw the curtains aside
There will not be any arrow
To show you when you should start.

And if you seek love in ruins
You will find nothing
But the spectrum of your broken heart.

Blame missing the daily new chances
On nobody,
They are already wandering outside.

Cannot be

It cannot be that hard to live
Cannot be that hard to love
Cannot be that hard to forgive.

But first of all

You should stimulate your
Greedy soul
To be satisfied
And your locked heart
To open
To let the charming light
Of love get through.