Thoughts on Boredom

*Doing anything or trying to urge yourself to move forward when you’re bored is extremely boring and exhausting.
*When you’re bored then you’re empty, with no fuel to inflame the spark deep within. And then, there’ll be no point in trying to accelerate your life.
*When you feel bored just sit back, and enjoy the pleasure of being bored and doing nothing.bored-at-work


Thoughts on Staying Motivated

Appreciate the success you achieve!

Take a step back and celebrate your latest achievement. As to prove yourself, there will be always another goal you look forward to achieving. Thus, celebrating what you’ve achieved will give you the power and courage to keep going.

Thoughts on Staying Motivated

Thoughts on Staying Motivated

*Start with one goal at a time. Too many goals at the same time result in decreased motivation.
*With a big goal, staying focused on small steps becomes challenging. So, you should build motivation, which helps make the smaller steps become more doable, by keeping your eye on the prize.
*When you’ve accomplished one goal, you can work on other goals.

Life can be Fair, sometimes!

Do we get attracted to what we think about? Or do things and persons send vibes that make us get attracted to them?

I think we attract what we think about, whether it’s a person, feeling or a thing. We are the strong magnet in this process. The world is full of things from all kinds and people with different traits and characteristics. But we don’t see all that. We only see what we think about; our own horizon shrinks to include things and people we have something in common with and on the other hand detach what may be odd to us.

And I think it’s fair enough!

So, it all starts in your head and heart. When you fill these organs with love, passion, and positivity, you’ll get it. However, when you just go in life aimlessly, holding a grudge toward others, and with a bunch of complaints, you’ll get just the same as you feel.

But what about times of being depressed, sad, or anxious? How can we during these times change our sails to the positive while we are unable to take any action or see anything away from BLACK?
I think during good times, we should write down what makes us happy, motivated, and eager to achieve new things and go on living. So during hard times, we can get back to those notes and make use of what we wrote before. Of course, it’ll be hard to be so objective and detach yourself from your current mood, but it can help in some way.
It’s your own job!
You’re the one who is responsible for directing your sails and drawing lines of your steps towards your destination.

So every time you feel things are going the other direction you’ve been planning on, just think for a second; what was my main thought for the day?

Big dreams vs. Small dreams

Is it healthy to dream big while you’ve achieved nothing?

They say that you should dream big if you want to be successful. Small dreams lead you nowhere and they may allure you with ephemeral success. Yet, the long-lasting success emerges from dreaming big.

But how can big dreams affect your first steps?

I believe that big dreams aren’t healthy while you are just starting. They would make your first steps unsteady. You’d be agitated deep within and you’d try to pursue your big dream as fast as you can. So, as you dream of something so far away from your current position, you would be urged to take very long steps just to reach that dream while you aren’t trained yet!
Meanwhile, as you find the way in real life not the same as the one you’ve imagined, the flame of passion would distinguish, and you may give the whole thing up just because you weren’t realistic with your dreams at the first place.

You find out that your BIG dreams don’t match your real abilities and skills.

However, at these beginnings, small dreams which can be achieved easily would become healthier; they allow you to focus on small tasks, taking a step at a time and open the door to achievements, even small. You make a good use of your skills, which would be sharpened by practicing. Your mind would grow adapted to new challenges and how to handle them. Little by little, you may raise the scale of your progress, dream big, and set big plans.
With these small achievements, which are a result of small dreams, you build your first solid steps, which you can stand on with confidence and build on them. Moreover, as your small dreams come true, you will be more self-confident and that will nourish your passion to achieve more and more.
Afterward, you’ll not be obliged to start from scratch every time you face obstacles or a drawback. And even if you are forced to take some steps backward, they would be ceased by reaching the solid steps you’ve already built.

So, small dreams are as important as big ones. Each one has its own stage in life. Each one has its own benefits.

The Equation for Success

Talent+ Self-confidence= Success

Once upon a time, I wrote this equation on the cover of my notebook, and dreamed of success, which delayed for so long.
I didn’t know what the reason is. First I thought that perhaps I needed more time. But as years went by, I found myself stuck, unable to move forward or reach anything; as if time dimmed my talent. I urged myself to go forward, relying only on my self-confidence which little by little turned into hesitation and uncertainty.
Finally, I found it so foolish to wait a good result from such equation. There was something lacking and I should figure it out in order to be real to my dream.
I started examining the equation: Talent+ Self-confidence= Success?
Focusing on those two components, I started asking whether talent goes hand in hand with self-confidence towards success, or does each of them have its own track?
I found that they are attached and parted at the same time, like pearls of a necklace, yet they may affect each other in a bad way:
When you feel you’re so talented, your ego starts directing your steps. Little by little, talent freezes, as you don’t work on sharpening your skills and improving yourself. On the other hand, when you are self-confident without a good portion of talent, you’d overvalue your work and fall a prey to some kind of egoism. And then, you’d be unable to detect your faults, or listen to others’ advice. As a result, you’d repeat your faults over and over again, getting the same result, without progressing.
So what was missing? How could this equation be real?
Finally, I found it. It is HARD WORK!
I believe that you can’t make any use of talent alone or self-confidence alone or even balancing between them without hard work.
Hard work is the very true mirror in which you can see how talented you are, skills you have and the ones you’re lacking, and your real position.
It’s the thermometer of your progress. And it’s the only proven thing that leads to success. Yet, when it’s decorated with self-confidence and colored with talent, you’ll get the best result ever.
So now, we can detect the fault in the first equation. And here is the right one:

Talent+ HARD WORK+ self-confidence= Success


Incomplete Sentences

Sometimes we leave sentences incomplete because we don’t know what is the best way to end them.
And then, they remain incomplete for hours, days, weeks and perhaps till starting a new chapter in our life. Yet, this chapter remains open because of this incomplete sentence, and here the fatal damage sneaks in!
Life goes on. And from time to time we return to this open chapter and stay for hours thinking about the same incomplete sentence without reaching a satisfying ending. We feel it gaining power and starts challenging us. Only then, the phantom of what if starts to devour us!
The delusion of various options start to deprive us of self-control , inner peace, and being mindful, present in the moment. Our minds start to chase possibilities which aren’t real and never could be applied.
As a result, each forthcoming chapter becomes affected by this open one, which already dwells in the past, and your attention would forever be scattered between possibilities which would lead to nothing but regret and doubt.
This may seem a way to escape the ongoing chapter and find a release from present stress. But in the long run, it’d be a burden which causes anxiety!
So, try not to leave sentences incomplete, and the most important, you should end chapters you’ve started!