The Enemy Inside

Everything is staring at me,
Even my own eyes,
And I am scared of the person
I am becoming. At this time
All kind of help is
The enemy dwells deep inside!


My Cup

My cup is brimming. I shall end up Empty!


If you never draw the curtains aside
There will not be any arrow
To show you when you should start.

And if you seek love in ruins
You will find nothing
But the spectrum of your broken heart.

Blame missing the daily new chances
On nobody,
They are already wandering outside.

By The Dawn!

When all went dark by the dawn
Nothing was surrounding but
Lights of candles in the curtained room,
Yet I felt lonely although I was alone!
When all was calm by the dawn
Silence was so heavy,
Even with no sound from afar, before my eye
A net of my wrongs was clearly shown.

When all was scented by the dawn
That smell pierced my soul,
I sat in rejoicing by myself,
And every sweet memory could recall!


Draw line upon line
To make the portrait complete!
Never miss a line
Or try to camouflage it;
Each one tells a story.
Each one has a memory.
So, be careful about
Sharp lines around the eyes and
Deep ones around the closed lips;
They represent the confined feelings
And the deep dark secrets!

The Ravenous Despair

Despair is like glowing fire;
Never gets satisfied with burning more and more,
Always ravenous to swallow and sap
Every feature of life
And grip pitilessly to control,
Even your cracked heart
And starving soul,
That might burn your memories
Till the cradle,
And then make you live homeless;
With neither a memory of yesterday
Or faint hope for better tomorrow.