If you never draw the curtains aside
There will not be any arrow
To show you when you should start.

And if you seek love in ruins
You will find nothing
But the spectrum of your broken heart.

Blame missing the daily new chances
On nobody,
They are already wandering outside.


Bleak Despair

In a moment of
Bleak despair
I went to the shore
Left all behind
To drown
In the heavy darkness
And the sea of troubles,
Nothing appeared
In my sight, but
A sparking horizon,
And still,
Left nothing behind
But sorrow and dull world!

The Missing Sun!

The sun of winter
Had missed its workday,
And some people as being careless
About its shining ray
Lighted scented candles
Till the next day.
The next day came.
And the strange situation
Stayed the same.
The whole season
Candles kept burning
Till lost their essence,
And still those people
Didn’t pay attention
To the dropped blinds!

Conspiracy of Love!

The scent of your love
Through winter cold air
Flirts with curls on my cheeks,
And morning breeze conspires
To capture my free heart.
Before, I wondered
How people could be drifted away
By the stream of love
After standing erect
On the solid ground
With strong determination,
But now, I myself cut the strings
To reality,
Heedless, to drown
In the deep sea of love!

A Bunch of Complaints

When you start the day
With a bunch of complaints
And a brimful cup of old sorrows,
Don’t think the sun with sadness
Will hide its shining face,
Or stop planting hope in hearts!
For shadows will never cast its gloom
Upon aspiring souls,
Nor sparrows will stay hushed
To listen to the dismal tone;
And that, if today you seek the dark and silence
Tomorrow, your soul will be thirst
For those shining rays and sweet melodies.


Stormy Nights

On stormy winter nights or days
When behind a sooty cloud the sun stays
Pick a pen and paper,
And before the rough sea
Sit with closed eyes
And a shy smile on the face!
Let the breeze flirt with your cheeks
And blow any burden and care away.
And then, open your heart to receive
The most beautiful meanings ever;
For waves always wash messages up
Of lovers whose hands are apart
And lip to lip their love cannot murmur
And their souls yearn for just a whisper.
There you can learn
How love can raise people to eternity,
As it is the only moving lesson
Through your whole life
That teaches your heart how to beat justly.

The Shining Star

The moon stayed all the night
Behind a black curtain of inflaming fire,
While a passing cloud did veil every beam,
And drove away all night’s charm;
Left in the whole sight nothing
But one only shining star
That sent a dim light to the eye.
Then in a jiffy,
I heard a whining voice echoing everywhere,
And as I drew the curtain aside
I still could see nothing,
But as I shifted my eye to the dark sky
I found the only shining star and night’s luster
Have all passed away.