The Enemy Inside

Everything is staring at me,
Even my own eyes,
And I am scared of the person
I am becoming. At this time
All kind of help is
The enemy dwells deep inside!



Someone would hurt you
With his selfishness and deception,
And you’ll see the whole world ugly and unfair.

Someone would love you
From the bottom of his heart,
And you’ll see the whole world as lovely as never before.

A Decision

Free birds are singing a song
Very dear to my heart.
People are speaking words
Very odd to my heart.

I’ll never┬álock up
A bird.
I’ll always keep a distance
From people around.

Cannot be

It cannot be that hard to live
Cannot be that hard to love
Cannot be that hard to forgive.

But first of all

You should stimulate your
Greedy soul
To be satisfied
And your locked heart
To open
To let the charming light
Of love get through.

The One World

Try to defeat your fear
For just a second
And break the chain of
Your own world
That tames you
With fetters!

Try to feel others’ happiness;
Taste it,
It is also yours.
Share your life with others
You weren’t born
To be alone,

What kind of
Do you have
If you can’t smell
The lovely odor
Of intimacy!

Sometimes Mind Wins

Only one foot apart
With no wish
To touch hands
Or to forever depart.
No one dares
To be responsible
To write the sad end,
A hard thing for him
And still,
Harder for me.
Both of us stand petrified
Knowing doubtlessly that
When two hearts
Begin a story,
They seek
The most beautiful end.
But sometimes, mind opposes
And sometimes, mind wins.

The Broken Winged Bird

Like a broken winged bird
Supposed to fly, so high,
Bur can’t;
Hurdles of life crush upon
His small head,
And before his roving eye
Sorrow weaves its nasty net,
And he dreams to outstretch
His colored wings,
To flee away and survive,
But the broken winged bird
Falls, trapped by the net
And helplessly die.