A Decision

Free birds are singing a song
Very dear to my heart.
People are speaking words
Very odd to my heart.

I’ll never lock up
A bird.
I’ll always keep a distance
From people around.


The Photo

A photo,
Beside my bed lies
To remind me
Of all I had missed;
The carefree smile
And shinning eyes,
The sweet tears
And rosy cheeks.

The photo stands
To remind me
Of my limitless happiness
In the small world I had once!

Stormy Nights

On stormy winter nights or days
When behind a sooty cloud the sun stays
Pick a pen and paper,
And before the rough sea
Sit with closed eyes
And a shy smile on the face!
Let the breeze flirt with your cheeks
And blow any burden and care away.
And then, open your heart to receive
The most beautiful meanings ever;
For waves always wash messages up
Of lovers whose hands are apart
And lip to lip their love cannot murmur
And their souls yearn for just a whisper.
There you can learn
How love can raise people to eternity,
As it is the only moving lesson
Through your whole life
That teaches your heart how to beat justly.

The Best Melody

The best melody I have ever heard during my life is world’s sweet tone. However, sometimes I become not able to hear it; when stress can control my mind and thoughts of grief fill its corners. That is also when heart beats just to go on life without tasting it. And in such moments, I close my eye and stay silent, and then tune myself once again to feel  nature’s whispers and melodies, which once control me, I feel my body sways with this sweet melody with feet can barely touching the ground.

The Gloomy Dark


Can you spend your entire life
In a gloomy dark?
Or does it offend you
And then you yearn for a spark?
That is when you become separated
From the world outside,
With no hole to escape
Or a help to serve you for a guide.
And then,
Face-to-face with yourself
You sit within your realm,
For it becomes the only thing
That you can really see.


The Sinking Boat

The sun had closed the winter day
While the boat was shaking at the sight of nowhere,
Waves were so high, made everything shudder,
A burning ray of Fear pierced her heart; pushing life away,
Its likeness is not found in sea or air.

She grabbed the gunwale of the boat so close
With her trembling heart, both, in one hand,
Looked here and there; searching for a creature of any kind
To share her wounded feelings,
She was met with closed eyes of all around.

Before her eyes, life was near a close
Flashes of ruined life crossed her head,
Like the gray face of a winter cloud
That shadowed her mind and soul, both,
She felt the freezing of her heart’s blood.

In a moment of death, she was offered a chance to live;
Colors of distant island flashed to her withered eyes
Lighted beneath the moon’s pale beams,
She dreamed of wings to fly, in another chance did believe,
Found nothing, but her shivering feeble arms.

She closed her eyes, so tight, opened her heart to cry,
Felt warmth within a tender embrace,
Wrapped her within his wings,
Like a passing thought, she fled away
From the island, she glanced the boat sinking in unknown depths.

Speaking To The Moon

I spoke to the moon, all my mind and feeling,
It listened so politely,
Stars everywhere were sharing
Our talk with no complaining.

Words were crawling over each other,
To express what I feel much better,
That night, I slept with no worry
About gossip or cheating.

And today, by opening my window
I saw its halo more charming,
And stars around
Were smiling, waiting for another talking.