A Story..A Lie

Everyone is telling a story..a lie..I never listen.


The Hidden Story!

Follow the story
Between the lines
It’s more interesting
And provoking.
It owes you no specific end
Of triumph or disaster
For the protagonist
Is nowhere to be found
But your imagination
Is the master!

Morning Coffee

As the sun quivers its first ray, the smell of morning coffee fills the apartment. All waits in silence on my desk; a pen, pile of papers and the cup of coffee. My mind starts to fling away the blanket of sweet dreams and put on spectacles of the narrator, till the ideas fit in their places into my mind. And then, I pour out my feelings on the blank sheet with no more over thinking.

Its Own Story

After many years of holding
It became so anxious and fed up;
Always to be ordered,
Directed by my thoughts and feelings,
And about its dream,
Found nothing, but ignoring.
My dear pen decided
Not to be such a slave again;
Yesterday I saw it standing
By all its strength
With no word to complain,
Putting my glasses on,
Sniffed some coffee
And started writing
Its own story.