Glistening Tear

Many eyes are watching
But can’t feel,
And still, more ears are spying
But your whispers can’t hear;
That’s when silence becomes
Better than talking to whom
Never understands your glistening tear.

Rejoicing and Dismay

Whether it is brimmed with
Sorrow water or sweet tears,
Give your eye a chance
To glisten and reflect what you really feel!
Have the guts to show
Your defeat deep within;
Cracks in your heart
And starving whimpering spirit.
Fill the horizon with joy
And hop to reach the sky,
Let your stream of happiness
Drown gloomy souls and wakeful eyes;
For who restrains his real feelings
Deep inside, away from the eyes
Turns nothing but an old gray weed
At the end of a long way
Lined with rejoicing and dismay.

A Broad Smile

When I was a child with a broad smile
They told me “To find the springs
Of everything, you have to follow its trace,
And right there, you will catch the groove
From which it did burst, then do regulate
Or even tune it to naught.”
And as I grew old and the smile began to fade,
In one night of no moon
A stream flowing over my cheek I caught
From my wet eyes till my face drowned,
And then, their words through my mind rolled
And with shaking hands my eyes wiped
Once, twice and more, but
Couldn’t regulate such stream
As from deep within a fountain
Started to weep out my pain,
And I had nothing to do
But hoping for a soft whisper
To allay such inflaming fire;
For voices loud cannot the whining soul stir
As people’s words don’t always inspire.


The Sinking Boat

The sun had closed the winter day
While the boat was shaking at the sight of nowhere,
Waves were so high, made everything shudder,
A burning ray of Fear pierced her heart; pushing life away,
Its likeness is not found in sea or air.

She grabbed the gunwale of the boat so close
With her trembling heart, both, in one hand,
Looked here and there; searching for a creature of any kind
To share her wounded feelings,
She was met with closed eyes of all around.

Before her eyes, life was near a close
Flashes of ruined life crossed her head,
Like the gray face of a winter cloud
That shadowed her mind and soul, both,
She felt the freezing of her heart’s blood.

In a moment of death, she was offered a chance to live;
Colors of distant island flashed to her withered eyes
Lighted beneath the moon’s pale beams,
She dreamed of wings to fly, in another chance did believe,
Found nothing, but her shivering feeble arms.

She closed her eyes, so tight, opened her heart to cry,
Felt warmth within a tender embrace,
Wrapped her within his wings,
Like a passing thought, she fled away
From the island, she glanced the boat sinking in unknown depths.

The Broken Mirror

In the broken mirror,
She looked at her scattered face,
In bewilderment and horror,
Couldn’t decide, which one to choose.

Every one was revealing a life of her,
To people, fake. But to her is real
In each dwell love, friends and dear
Aches in her bleeding heart, she began to feel.

She shed tears, for every piece
That was filled with falsehoods,
Broken pieces of love and happiness
Filled her head and heart with illusions.

The board became hollow,
With background of black,
Deep inside she felt sorrow;
Inner struggle and remorse began their attack.

For missing her old true self, was sorry
She held a scattered piece so close,
Of its sharp corners, was not worry!
For now, she decided to see her true one face.

Sing Or Cry!

Cannot determine; sing or cry?
Which is better?
To some people, they are totally different
To me they are the same.
Cannot be considered more than
A way to free your soul
From the unspoken and most meaningful.

Without being touched
The sweet melody on your lips
Turns heavy silence,
And tears of joy in your eye
Start streaming the pale cheeks
With no approaches or signs,
Soul cannot be filled with heavy feelings
With no way to express,
With no way to seek any help.
Each tear holds a part of your life
Each tear is a diamond
If you hold it back, it will shatter, hurting you.

Without being touched from outside
Your soul screams from deep inside,
And you still, between sing or cry
cannot determine!

from love to consolation

I decided to go for an evening stroll; it was cold and rainy day. I walked about one block when I saw him passing, or maybe he was waiting..
Anyway it was not the beginning of the story which already had begun years ago.
Now we were feet apart, but as if we were not sharing the same sphere, but to each his own.
In that moment many memories flashed across my mind and I was very preoccupied. memories were trying to nest on my head one after another like drops of rain,i could skip many but it wasn’t the same with the letter..

It was entitled with false barren words “I will always love you”, enclosed with a flower and broken pieces of fake love, that no more has responsibility to current life.
How bittersweets each word tasted!!
Ink was not a good idea to form such words, which only could be replaced with tears, to become more realistic and authentic.
Each word in that letter could tell the whole story, the story of yesterday.
The day in which I received that letter was so rainy, and clouds were obscuring the sky. My heart told me to go out and check the mail box, although I have a concept, letters are never worth going through the rain for.
But you cannot compare feelings during love story to normal life. Always, there are exceptions.
I began to read it thoroughly with shivering fingers out of coldness, then I wrapped my fingers around it so tightly; by the last word “..Goodbye.” I put my hand upon my mouth, in order not to utter a scream; the scream of pain and shock, instead, it went through my whole body and veins and then its impact was stronger.
Everything ended with no explanations, just like that..

when one chooses to leave, and the other has nothing to do but trying to cut the net of past lies and decode question marks which are wrapping him so tight pitilessly. Then heart has to sink deep away from eyes and sharp glances and mind takes control in order not to be blown away with the wind..

Our eyes met; eyes with no gleam, which mirror our empty souls that one day were sparkling with love and kindling with sweet feelings.
At moments of intense absorption, all other objects in the visible world seemed to vanish leaving me and him.
Couldn’t make sure that our bodies were there, but our souls that have a great curiosity and intention, so they can fight and go through dark passages to continue living.

After I had turned from the stroll, my nostalgia led me to search for that letter and the flower.
My heart could not be mistaken to lead me directly to its place or recalling the odor of the flower..
I picked it up and held it close. It seemed to me, then, that I experienced a strange sensation, almost as if I felt a burning heat which was one day heat of love.
But till yet, neither ink nor tears were dried, and the flower turned from a symbol of love to consolation..


love and thorns

I traveled over many hearts,
But they were all closed;
Each was holding its shield,
My healing touch found nothing
But thorns.
I kept approaching,
Then, in silence I grieved
An arrow pierced my heart,
Left it bleeding day and night,
Wandering, going round and round houses
Where all the doors were locked and barred,
I breathed into the air,
Words of despair and sighs
For people buried me,
While I am still alive.

A Shy Smile

;Yesterday, I sat by my friend side

,Listening to her whimpering of the savage life

,Tears filled her eyes

,Sobs gushed in her throat

;I held her close

,Whispered sweet consoling words to her ear

Till her lips trembled swiftly

.Showing a shy smile at corners of her mouth

Today, I am sitting alone

,With none by my side

 !Nor my friend of last night

,But I don’t blame her

!For she is no longer alive

,Tears filled my eyes

.Sobs gushed in my throat

,I breathed sweet consoling words in the air

,My lips trembled swiftly

.Showing a shy smile at corners of my mouth