Sweet Lines of Poetry

Every moment as it flows
Some peculiar pleasure owes:
Then let us, providently wise,
Seize the debtor as it flies.

Think not to morrow can repay
The pleasures that we lose to day;
To morrow’s most unbounded store
Can but pay its proper score.

_Oliver Goldsmith
From the captivity: An Oratorio


Only One Word

Sometimes the words flow
Through your pen
Like a stream
That was kept shut
For so long inside
Your heart.

Other times you should wring
Your heart
To get only one word;
One feeling embodied into a word,
But your pen rejects
To write.

The Best career advice I’ve Ever read

1- No one will be more excited about your idea than you are.
2- You can’t accomplish what you don’t start.
3- People will tell you that you can’t have it all. You can.
4- Act like you have the job you want.
5- Never ever burn a bridge. You may need to cross it someday.
6- Don’t expect others to solve your problems.
7- People do business with those they trust and like.
8- Ask for what you want.


Someone would hurt you
With his selfishness and deception,
And you’ll see the whole world ugly and unfair.

Someone would love you
From the bottom of his heart,
And you’ll see the whole world as lovely as never before.

Change Your Mask!

Let the masks fall
To reveal the real faces!

The play is getting on my nervous,
Can’t stand it any more.

So, let’s change the scene;
The personas, music and background,

Let’s put on fresh masks
For those ones got so old,

And who in life
Lives with only one face?!

Who in life
Lives with his one true face?!

Moving Excerpts from Poetry

Tell me, what is it you plan to do
With your one wild and precious life?
– Mary Oliver

To live in this world
You must be able
To do three things:
To love what is mortal;
To hold it
Against your bones knowing
Your own life depends on it;
And when the time comes to let it go,
To let it go.
– Mary Oliver

Dying is an art
Like everything else,
I do it exceptionally well.
I do it so it feels like hell.
I do it so it feels real.
I guess you could say I have a call.
– Sylvia Plath

In the Middle of a Line!

Clashing thoughts
Can’t be hushed,
Can’t be expressed!

I can’t write a poem
Without getting distracted
In the middle of a line
Which once I get back to
I find it no more charming!

But I am excused,
I am a poet
And not a rule can be applied
To poets,
As poets just do not fit in.