Are you ready for the next challenge?

There is absolutely nothing in life that is not based on learning. As a kid, you start learning how to drink, eat, talk, walk, etc. And as life goes on, your need for learning becomes more sophisticated and takes another shape.

Every stage of our lives requires new skills, knowledge, and experiences that could only be derived from learning; continuous learning. Moreover, the diversity of new conditions and situations has allowed new challenges to emerge and conquer our daily life, waiting for a flexible and well trained mind to deal with them. And as our world has become fast changing and fierce in its challenges, the importance of continues learning has doubled its necessity and importance as well.

Recently, continuous learning has become a way of survival, not an option. Learning doesn’t stop by graduating and ending your traditional education; however, its importance increases as you enter a more professional field. Then, you turn from a student who studies certain material for exams to a professional who seeks excellence and mastering skills to flourish and achieve better in his career.

Needless to say that experience which could be derived from work is priceless; however, continuous learning will help you be competitive and up to date, and will acquire you the ability to expand your mind. Also reading can inflame your creativity and lessen the fear of taking action as it doesn’t only add up to your knowledge, it also opens doors to new paths you thought have never been existed before.

Where should you start?

Thanks to new technology, you can get all you need with just a click, for nowadays pursuing knowledge has become easier than before. Websites that offer online courses has swiped away all traditional excuses regarding how to get material or reach a professional. Just one click, and new worlds will open before you, and you can explore various fields, for free, anytime.

All you have to do is to enroll in an online course you choose according to your preference, watch online sessions, discuss what you’ve learnt, and share your experience and questions with peers, and get the answer right in your inbox.

Also E-books, blog posts and articles that are available online have made it easier to read more and more as most of our time is spent on our laptop, tablet and cell phone.

But here two challenges arise: time and continuity!

 1- Challenge of time

I think that the main problem facing our generation is the fast pace that the world is going by, in addition to distraction. No time to think clearly, set plans, or even achieve goals completely. And what makes it more difficult is that if you can’t keep pace with the world around, you’ll fell a prey to depression and feeling lost.

Starting to learn new skills isn’t so hard, yet to include it in your daily schedule will be the challenge.

First you should believe in the importance of what you’re doing and how it will affect your career on the long run. Then in your hectic schedule, set 15 to 30 min. daily to discover great ideas through learning a new skill, listening to podcasts, reading a blog post, or expanding your life by reading a book by your favorite author.

2-challenge of continuity

Satisfaction kills curiosity and can finish off the desire to take any step forward. So the best way is to never be satisfied; try always to close the gap between near-perfect and perfect by striving to expand your mind and acquiring new skills, and not spending too much time in the zone; spending too much time in your comfort zone will add nothing to your personal or career life, only would add up to your anxiety while dealing with new challenging situations.


“A self that goes on changing is a self that goes on living.” Virginia wolf

Changing is the best way to make you feel alive and able to conquer new fields. The ability to adapt to change has become a matter of survival. As long as you stay in your comfort zone, every new thing will have a sweeping power which you would be unable to resist, and would harm your life.

And to achieve the required goals in harmony, you should keep in mind that reading and continuous learning will provide you protection against unexpected situations that will require a flexible mind which can deal with new challenges. So, don’t be comfortable with what you have, always seek knowledge and new experience.