A Reason to Speak

I do not speak to convey my thoughts;
I speak just to know what I am thinking about,
In a clear way,
And to figure out
What is happening inside that enigmatic organ
Called brain.


The Best career advice I’ve Ever read

1- No one will be more excited about your idea than you are.
2- You can’t accomplish what you don’t start.
3- People will tell you that you can’t have it all. You can.
4- Act like you have the job you want.
5- Never ever burn a bridge. You may need to cross it someday.
6- Don’t expect others to solve your problems.
7- People do business with those they trust and like.
8- Ask for what you want.

Change Your Mask!

Let the masks fall
To reveal the real faces!

The play is getting on my nervous,
Can’t stand it any more.

So, let’s change the scene;
The personas, music and background,

Let’s put on fresh masks
For those ones got so old,

And who in life
Lives with only one face?!

Who in life
Lives with his one true face?!

In the Middle of a Line!

Clashing thoughts
Can’t be hushed,
Can’t be expressed!

I can’t write a poem
Without getting distracted
In the middle of a line
Which once I get back to
I find it no more charming!

But I am excused,
I am a poet
And not a rule can be applied
To poets,
As poets just do not fit in.

Our Different Realms

Don’t compare your realm to mine;
They are completely different.
Even if they have something in common,
You do not have the right
To mess up with my creation.

Watch out
Stay away;
I do not give excuses
Or listen to any apologies.

A Decision

Free birds are singing a song
Very dear to my heart.
People are speaking words
Very odd to my heart.

I’ll never lock up
A bird.
I’ll always keep a distance
From people around.